Beautiful breakdown. The one thing I missed with Kevin Pelton's chart (even more so as he used an example where a team trades up to the top of the draft): the total value might seem simple math but it's not. If you add 'fair' value like the number 14 pick to trade up from 3 to 1, this leaves out that the team with the number 1 pick has ONE better player on the floor. The second pick that the other team gains does not add full value - because that player needs to play in order to make that theoretical value a reality. Once he does play, you gotta sub a different player (and deduct his value). So adding another guy to the roster adds value but lineups are a different matter. I would ask for quite a bit more than the value assigned in the chart. Nonetheless, the chart helps to estimate trade value in a variety of situations. Obviously there's exceptions (Luka, Wemby, LeBron, AD...) where the value is much, much higher.

For OKC, I'm over the moon with the trade for Cason Wallace. Brilliant pick and trade

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