My time as a Thunder fan started in 2016 when I saw Russell Westbrook go coast to coast and slam home a dunk over Andre Iguodala.

It was breath-taking to watch, to feel every sinew of Westbrook’s body launch off the ground and slam the dunk home. You could feel the intensity coursing through his veins; Westbrook was and still is a force of personality.

That game and that series could not just be enjoyed by myself. I felt the need to find a community of like-minded people to discuss my new passion with, the Oklahoma City Thunder.

I stumbled upon Welcome to Loud City and have not looked back ever since. The community of ardent, warm-hearted Thunder fans made it easy to stay and love this team.

It is now time to share the love and bring our own style of coverage to Substack. This is a place for the reader to enjoy analysis of the Thunder and for the reader to share their opinions with other fans.

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J.D Tailor

Editor in Chief for Welcome to Loud City